My Memories Of the 134th AHC
In South Vietnam
June 1968 - May 1969

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My name is Carey Boyles. I have spent many years trying to put these memories behind me. But now, it just seems right to share a few of them with the world. If you weren't there you'll never understand how you can hate being where you are and torn apart when it's time to go home and leave your friends behind. The people that you serve with almost become closer than family, after all they have held your very life in their hands. I think that all that were there will agree that their experiences in Vietnam have changed their lives for ever. So perhaps I'll be lucky and make contact with some of the guys. I hope so.

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I entered the U. S. Army on January 1, 1966, and trained for two years and five months. I reported for my first tour of duty in the Republic of South Vietnam as a Army Aviator. During my in country orientation, I discovered that like most of the Officers and Enlisted men, that I had no earthly idea just where in the world I was.

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This is my CWO Zutter archive

A low level tour of Tuy Hoa AFB and Phu Hiep AAF

These are a few of the aircraft in the area.

Here are a few more of my favorite photos.

These are the people I am looking for and the ones that I have found.

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My Photo Gallery.

Speech given at Ft Rucker when they retired the last Huey.

Did you spend time in this area, on the ground or in the air? Take a minute to E-Mail me and we'll swap stories. If you weren't and would like to learn more about the helicopter units in Vietnam you might read a very good book, "Chickenhawk" by Robert Mason. Thanks for stopping by, you comments are encouraged.

Do you know these guys? Please E mail me with any information you might have.

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