So Lets Have A Party

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Most of these Officer were in my Flight Platoon, and my very close friends.

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I can see Capt. Ostland and Mr. Zutter.

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Left to Right: Zutter, Schuster, and O'Connor "The Big O"

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Are you in these photos. or do you know any of these people? I would like very much to hear from you.

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What that's no party? You're right, I'll tell this story later.

    Visit our Operations Area

    This is my CWO Zutter archive

    A low level tour of Tuy Hoa AFB and Phu Hiep AAF

    These are a few of the aircraft in the area.

    Here are a few more of my favorite photos.

    These are the people I am looking for and the ones that I have found.

    Did you miss the party?.

    My Photo Gallery.

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