CWO Zutter a very interesting man.

Found - See details below

Mr. Zutter joined the U. S. Army in Germany after serving in the Swiss Army.

Keep in mind that Vietnam was a young mans war (undeclared). Most of us were in our early twenties, Mr. Zutter was in his mid to late thirties. He was an old man to us. Now thirty something or anything sounds young. Zutter was a colorful person to say the least.

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After all these years I can only identify the "young man" in the center. Mr. Zutter, a very interesting man.

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A good photo taken at Song Cau.

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Just another day at the office, looking good Zutter.

On February 23rd 1997 I received E-Mail from Martin Zutter in Switzerland. He had found my page while surfing the net looking for anything with his last name in it. He said he thought that this young man could be his Uncle Walter, who still lives in the U. S. To say the least I was very excited to have a lead to find Mr. Zutter. I quickly replied and waited three long days to hear back form Martin. On the 26st I got the reply I had hoped for. Martin was sure that this was his Uncle Walter. Martin supplied me with Mr. Zutter's address and phone number. Although it was pretty late I could not resist calling that very night. I can't tell you how exciting it was for me to actually speak to Mr. Zutter after all these years. We visited for about a half hour. Mr. Zutter is sixty-three and still working. He said that he is going to Europe in May for a visit. I ask him to thank Martin for his help and I am sure that he will.

Meanwhile, Martin if you are visiting my page again.


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