Your Telecommunications Innovator

Tele-One is your Local Telephone Answering Service in Colorado Springs and Nationwide.

How can we say that?‌

Tele-One maintains and inventory of telephone numbers all over Texas and nine other states. These numbers are used by our clients to forward their telephone lines after hours. We currently have local numbers that are local to over 600 cities.

As we gain clients in new areas we are usually able to add local numbers in their area in a few minutes. Each new number we add could cover several surrounding cities. If a local number is not available we provide toll free access to our systems at no additional charge.

Our clients never have to pay for long distance service to or from our service nationwide.

Will I have my own number to forward my calls to?‌

If you use call forwarding from the telephone company, you will use our One Number Call Forwarding System. This system will recognize that your caller dialed your number that is forwarded to us and direct your caller to your account each time. .

Some organizations have a PBX system that takes their calls and sends them out to our service showing the call ID of one of their numbers rather than their caller. We can still make one number call forwarding work you.

If your PBX system is sending the callers caller ID only, we can provide a dedicated number for you for a small charge each month.

Where is Tele-One Located‌?

Tele-One Communications is a Tyler Texas Answering Service. We have operators that work in our Tyler, Texas offices and remote operators that are located in four other cities in Texas. Together with our system redundancy, these remote operates in diverse areas help us to provide service when weather conditions might make getting to the office difficult.

How do we charge for our service?‌

There are several billing plans used by telephone answering services.

Some will charge for every function they perform. They will charge for each call, message, call out, page, text, fax, e-mail and long distance call everyone pays the same amount for each of these. Sounds fair until you consider that one client’s message may be just a name and number, while another requires a very detailed message. Everyone pays the same amount for these messages. Since one is brief and the other is detailed an operator will have to spend more time on the detailed message and cannot provide the same level of service to both.

A simple method is flat billing. You pay the same amount each month, year round. It’s kind of like going to a buffet where you pay a price and can eat all you can. Sometimes you just aren’t that hungry. It’s the same way with many businesses. With flat billing you will never known what you are getting for your money.

Some services bill for their service every 28 days. Their rational is that have to pay their employees every two weeks, so they have to bill that often. There are 13 billing cycles in a year billing every 28 days. Besides if you are paying employees every two weeks, why not bill your clients every two weeks‌ I don’t know about you, but my calendar only has 12 months.

We believe that time billing is the system that best reflects the value you are receiving for your money each month, and is most fair to all types of clients. If you just need the name and number your bill will be far less than the client that wants a detailed message. A quiet office will pay less that a busy office. We just charge for the time that an operator is actually doing something for you. Tele-One does not charge extra for each function or long distance calling into or from our service.

Will our callers be placed on hold‌?

Here is the dilemma, you are on a line and another is ringing. Do you ask the caller to hold, while you answer the second and ask them to hold and return to the first caller‌ Or do you continue to speak to the first caller and let the second line ring‌ What do you do in your office‌

Many years ago we determined that our client is better served if a call is answered and the caller is asked to hold, rather than letting them hear several rings, wondering if there is anyone there to answer.

Each operator in our service has three lines to manage. During “rush” periods it is impossible to manage the flow of calls without asking callers to hold. If the caller is an office “checking out” they can state that, and should not be placed on hold.

Our system performs Automatic Call Distribution. If a caller is placed on hold, that call is placed back into the distribution for the next available operator. If this was not the case, the caller might be on hold when another operator was doing nothing.

Our goal is to answer every call on three rings or less and limit hold time to less than a minute.

Contact us today at 719-373-6877 and press "1" during the greeting.

Who uses our services‌

Tele-One currently has clients in the following fields:



Home Health Providers


Hospice Organizations

Home Builders


Water Well Services

Portable X-Ray Providers

Septic and Portable Potty Services

Durable Medical Equipment Providers

Pest Control Companies

Law Firms

All types of Oil Field Services

Insurance Companies

Other Communication Companies

Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Computer and VOIP Service Companies

We also answer for a number of local, state and federal government offices.

Other organizations that want to make certain they never miss a call day or night.

We can provide Nationwide Answering Service in these states with local numbers:

Alabama Answering Service

Maine Answering Service

Ohio Answering Service

Arizona Answering Service

Maryland Answering Service

Oklahoma Answering Service

Arkansas Answering Service

Massachusetts Answering Service

Oregon Answering Service

California Answering Service

Michigan Answering Service

Pennsylvania Answering Service

Colorado Answering Service

Minnesota Answering Service

Rhode Island Answering Service

Connecticut Answering Service

Mississippi Answering Service

South Carolina Answering Service

Delaware Answering Service

Missouri Answering Service

South Dakota Answering Service

Florida Answering Service

Montana Answering Service

Tennessee Answering Service

Georgia Answering Service

Nebraska Answering Service

Texas Answering Service

Idaho Answering Service

Nevada Answering Service

Utah Answering Service

Illinois Answering Service

New Hampshire Answering Service

Vermont Answering Service

Indiana Answering Service

New Jersey Answering Service

Virginia Answering Service

Iowa Answering Service

New Mexico Answering Service

Washington Answering Service

Kansas Answering Service

New York Answering Service

West Virginia Answering Service

Kentucky Answering Service

North Carolina Answering Service

Wisconsin Answering Service

Louisiana Answering Service

North Dakota Answering Service

Wyoming Answering Service

We are providing East Texas Answering Service with local numbers for these cities and Nationwide in sixteen other States:

Abbeville, LA Acton EMS, TX
Adams-Cedar Hill, TN Adrian, TX
Akron, OH Alba, TX
Albuquerque, NM Alexandria (Wilson), TN
Allen EACS, TX Alto, TX
Alvarado EMS, TX Alvin, TX
Amarillo, TX Anderson, TX
Annona, TX Apollo, TX
Apple Springs, TX Arcadia, OK
Arcola, TX Arlington EMS, TX
Arlington, TX Arp, TX
Ashland City, TN Athens, TX
Atlanta, TX Atlas EMS, TX
Atlas, TX Atwater, OH
Aubrey EMS, TX Auburntown, TN
Aurora, OH Austonio, TX
Avalon, TX Avery, TX
Avinger, TX Axtell, TX
Azle, TX Bagwell, TX
Bammel, TX Barker, TX
Bartonville EMS, TX Beaumont, TX
Beckville, TX Bedias, TX
Belcher, LA Belen, NM
Ben Franklin, TX Ben Wheeler, TX
Benton, LA Bernalillo, NM
Bethany, OK Bettie, TX
Big Run, PA Big Sandy, TX
Birthright, TX Bismarck, ND
Blanchard, OK Bloomburg, TX
Blooming Grove, TX Blossom, TX
Bogata, TX Bonham, TX
Borger, TX Boys Ranch, TX
Brashear, TX Bremond, TX
Bristol EMS, TX Britton, OK
Broaddus, TX Bronson, TX
Broussard, LA Brownsboro, TX
Brownsboro, TX Bryan-College Station, TX
Buffalo (Leon), TX Bullard, TX
Caddo Mills, TX Caldwell, TX
Calhan, CO Calumet, OK
Calvert, TX Campbell, TX
Canal Fulton, OH Canton, TX
Cantonment, FL Canyon, TX
Carencro, LA Carrollton, TX
Carthage, TX Cash, TX
Cashion, OK Cayuga, TX
Cedar Hill EMS, TX Cedar Hill, TX
Cedar Lake, OK Center, TX
Centerville, TX Central, TX
Century, FL Chandler, TX
Channelview, TX Channing, TX
Charlotte, TN Chester, TX
Chickasha, OK China Spring, TX
Chireno, TX Choctaw, OK
Clarendon, TX Clarksville, TX
Claude, TX Clear Springs, AL
Cleburne EMS, TX Cleta, TX
Cleveland, TX Coldspring, TX
College Grove, TN Colmesneil, TX
ColoradoSprings-Air Force Academy, CO ColoradoSprings-Black Forest, CO
ColoradoSprings-Green Mountain Falls, CO ColoradoSprings-Main, CO
ColoradoSprings-Security, CO ColoradoSprings-Stratmoor, CO
ColoradoSprings-Woodland Park, CO Combine EMS, TX
Commerce, TX Como, TX
Conroe EMS, TX Conroe, TX
Cooper, TX Corrigan, TX
Corsicana, TX Coushatta, LA
Crandall EMS, TX Crescent, OK
Cresson EMS, TX Cripple Creek, CO
Crockett, TX Crosby, TX
Cross Plains-Orlinda, TN Crystal Springs, AR
Cushing, TX Cut 'n Shoot EMS, TX
Cut 'n Shoot, TX Cypress EMS, TX
Cypress Springs, TX Daingerfield, TX
Dallas Fort Worth Airport EMS, TX Dallas Fort Worth Airport, TX
Dallas, TX Dawson, TX
De Berry, TX De Soto (Ovilla), TX
De Soto, TX Deadwood, TX
Deanville, TX Deer Park, TX
DeKalb, TX Denton PPCP, TX
Deport, TX Detroit, TX
Dibble, OK Diboll, TX
Dickeyville, WI Dickinson, TX
Dickson, TN Dimmitt, TX
Douglassville, TX Doylestown, OH
Doyline, LA Dry Creek, TX
Dubuque, IA Dumas, TX
Duson, LA Eagleville, TN
East Dubuque, IL East Sango, TN
Eddy, TX Edgewood, TX
Edmond, OK El Paso, CO
El Reno, OK Elkhart, TX
Elkins, TX Elysian Fields, TX
Emhouse, TX Emory, TX
Ennis EMS, TX Epworth, IA
Estancia, NM Etoile, TX
Euless EMS, TX Euless, TX
Eustace, TX Evergreen, TX
Fairfield, TX Fairplay, WI
Fairview, TN Farley, IA
Farmersville EMS, TX Ferris EMS, TX
Forestburg, TX Forney EMS, TX
Fort Worth, TX Fosterville (Rutherford), TN
Fouke, AR Franklin, TN
Franklin, TX Frankston, TX
Friendswood, TX Frisco EACS, TX
Fritch, TX Frost, TX
Fuller Springs, TX Gallatin, TN
Garrison, TX Gary, TX
Gholson, TX Gilliam, LA
Gilmer, TX Gladebranch, TX
Gladewater, TX Glendale EMS, TX
Glendale, TX Godley EMS, TX
Golden, TX Good Springs, TX
Goodlettsville, TN Goodnight, TX
Granbury EMS, TX Grand Cane, LA
Grand Prairie EMS, TX Grand Prairie, TX
Grand Saline, TX Grangerland EMS, TX
Grangerland, TX Granite Mountain, AZ
Grapevine EMS, TX Grapevine, TX
Greenbrier, TN Greensburg, OH
Greenville EMS, TX Greenville, TX
Greenwood, LA Groom, TX
Groveton, TX Gulf Breeze, FL
Gurley, TX Guthrie, OK
Hallsburg, TX Hallsville, TX
Hallsville, TX Happy, TX
Harleton, TX Harrah, OK
Hartville, OH Haughton, LA
Hawkins, TX Hearne, TX
Henderson, TX Hendersonville, TN
Hereford, TX Hilltop Lakes, TX
Hitchcock-Santa Fe EMS, TX Holley-Navarre, FL
Holy Cross, IA Honey Grove, TX
Hooks, TX Hosston, LA
HotSprings, AR Houston Suburban, TX
Houston, TX Hubbard, TX
Hudson (Angelina), TX Hudson (Cherokee), TX
Hudson, OH Huffman, TX
Hughes Springs, TX Huntington, TX
Huntsville, TX Huxley, TX
Ida, LA Iola, TX
Irene, TX Irving EMS, TX
Irving, TX Jackson, TX
Jacksonville, TX Jasper, TX
Jay, FL Jefferson, TX
Jewett, TX Jim Hogg, TX
Joaquin, TX Jones Mills, AR
Jones, OK Karnack, TX
Katy EMS, TX Kaufman EMS, TX
Keatchie, LA Keithville, LA
Keller EMS, TX Keller, TX
Kemah, TX Kennard, TX
Kennedale EMS, TX Kennedale, TX
Kent, OH Kerens, TX
Kilgore, TX Kingfisher, OK
Kingston Springs, TN Koon Kreek, TX
Kurten, TX Kurten, TX
La Porte, TX Ladonia, TX
Lafayette, LA Laguna Acoma, NM
Lake Conroe EMS, TX Lake Conroe, TX
Lake Dallas EMS, TX Lake George, CO
Lake Palestine East, TX Lake Pleasant, AZ
LaMotte, IA Laneville, TX
Langham Creek, TX LaVergne (Davidson), TN
LaVergne (Rutherford), TN League City, TX
Lebanon, TN Leona, TX
Leroy, TX Lewisville EMS, TX
Lewisville, TX Liberty, TN
Lindale Swan, TX Linden, TX
Liverpool EMS, TX Logansport, LA
Lone Oak, TX Lone Star, TX
Longview, TX Lorena, TX
Lorenzo, TX Los Lunas, NM
Lovelady, TX Lubbock, TX
Lufkin, TX Luther, OK
Mabank, TX Madisonville, TX
Malakoff, TX Manchester (Summit), OH
Mandan, ND Mansfield EMS, TX
Mansfield, LA Mansfield, TX
Manvel, TX Marchand, PA
Marietta, TX Marietta, TX
Marlin EACS, TX Marquez, TX
Marshall, TX Mart, TX
Martins Mill, TX Maud, TX
Maydelle, TX McGregor, TX
McKenzie, ND McKinney EMS, TX
McLoud, OK Meeker, OK
Meridian, OK Midlothian EMS, TX
Midwest City, OK Milano, TX
Milford, TX Miller Grove, TX
Milton, FL Milton, TN
Mims, TX Minco, OK
Minden, TX Minden, TX
Mineola, TX Mogadore, OH
Molino, FL Montalba, TX
Montgomery (Montgomery), TX Montgomery EMS, TX
Montrose (Summit), OH Moody, TX
Moore, OK Mooringsport, LA
Moriarty, NM Mount Enterprise, TX
Mount Juliet, TN Mount Pleasant, TX
Mount Vernon, TX Mountainair, NM
Muenster, TX Munson, FL
Murchison, TX Murfreesboro, TN
Mustang, OK Myra, TX
Myrtle Springs, TX Nacogdoches, TX
Naples, TX Nashville, TN
Navasota, TX Nazareth, TX
Neches, TX Negley, TX
Nevada EMS, TX New Boston, TX
New Iberia, LA New London, TX
New Salem, ND New Summerfield, TX
New Waverly, TX Newalla, OK
Newcastle, OK Nicoma Park, OK
Noble, OK Nolensville (Davidson), TN
Nolensville (Rutherford), TN Norene, TN
Norman, OK Normangee, TX
North Canton, OH North Richland Hills EMS, TX
North Richland Hills, TX North Spring Hill, TN
North Zulch, TX Northfield, OH
Oak Hill, TX Oakhurst, TX
Oakland, TX Oakwood, TX
Oglesby EACS, TX Oil City, LA
Okarche, OK OKC, OK
Old Hickory, TN Omaha, TX
Ore City, TX Overton, TX
Owentown, TX Pace, FL
Palestine, TX Palmer EMS, TX
Panhandle, TX Paris, TX
Payne Springs, TX Pearson, OK
Pecan Gap, TX Pena Blanca, NM
Peninsula, OH Pennington, TX
Pensacola, FL Peyton, CO
Phoenix, AZ Pickton, TX
Piedmont, OK Pine Acres, TX
Pine Hill, TX Pine Mills, TX
Pinehurst EMS, TX Pineland, TX
Pittsburg, TX Plain Dealing, LA
Plano, TX Plantersville, TX
Pleasant View, TN Pocasset, OK
Point, TX Porter Heights EMS, TX
Porter Heights, TX Porter, TX
Portland, TN Price, TX
Princeton EMS, TX Pritchett, TX
Prosper EMS, TX Punxsutawney, PA
Purcell, OK Purdon, TX
Quinlan, TX Quitman, TX
Ravenna, OH Red Oak EMS, TX
Red Springs, TX Redmon, TX
Redwater, TX Reklaw, TX
Reno EMS, TX Rhome EMS, TX
Rice, TX Richards, TX
Richards, TX Richfield, OH
Richland, TX Richmond-Rosenberg EMS, TX
Riesel, TX Rittman, OH
Riverbrook EMS, TX Riverbrook, TX
Roane, TX Roanoke EMS, TX
Roanoke, TX Rockwall EACS, TX
Rodessa, LA Rootstown, OH
Rosenthal, TX Rosewood, TX
Rosston, TX Roxton, TX
Royse City EMS, TX Rush, CO
Rusk, TX Salt River, AZ
San Antonio, TX San Augustine, TX
Sandy Creek, TX Sanford, TX
Satsuma, TX Seabrook, TX
Seagoville, TX Sequin, TX
Sharon Center, OH Shawnee, OK
Sheldon, TX Shepherd, TX
Shirley, TX Shiro, TX
Shreveport, LA Simla, CO
Simms, TX Skellytown, TX
Smithers Lake EMS, TX Smyrna, TN
Snook-Tunis, TX Somerville, TX
South Bosque, TX South Cunningham, TN
South Fredonia, TN Spencer Mill, TN
Spencer, OK Splendora EMS, TX
Splendora, TX Spring EMS, TX
Springfield, TN Springtown EMS, TX
Spurger, TX Stafford, TX
Stella, OK Sterling, ND
Stinnett, TX Streetman, TX
Sugar Land, TX SulphurSprings, TX
Talco, TX Tatum, TX
Tecumseh, OK Telephone, TX
Tenaha, TX Tennessee Colony, TX
Tennessee Colony, TX Terrell EMS, TX
Terrell, TX Texarkana, AR
Texarkana, TX Tijeras, NM
Timblin, PA Timpson, TX
Tolar EMS, TX Tomball EMS, TX
Tribbey, OK Trigg, AR
Trinidad, TX Trinity, TX
Triune, TN Troup, TX
Tulia, TX Turnertown, TX
Tuttle, OK Twinsburg, OH
Tyler, TX Umbarger, TX
Uncertain, TX Union City, OK
Uniontown, OH Valley Lodge EMS, TX
Valley View East, TX Valley View, TX
Van, TX Vanleer, TN
Vega, TX Vigo Park, TX
Vivian, LA Vivian, TX
Waco, TX Wadsworth, OH
Walden EMS, TX Walden, TX
Waller EMS, TX Walnut Hill, FL
Warren, TX Washington, OK
Washington, TX Waskom, TX
Watertown, TN Waterwood, TX
Waxahachie EMS, TX Weatherford EMS, TX
Weaver, TX Wells, TX
Wellston, OK West Vanleer, TN
West, TX Westfield EMS, TX
Westfield, TX Wheatland, OK
White Bluff, TN White Deer, TX
White House, TN Whitehouse, TX
Wildorado, TX Willis EMS, TX
Willis, TX Wills Point, TX
Wilmer EMS, TX Wilton, ND
Windom, TX Winfield, TX
Winnsboro, TX Wolfe City, TX
Woodbury (Rutherford), TN Woodville, TX
Wynne, TX Yantis, TX
Youngsville, LA Yukon, OK
Zavalla, TX

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