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Left to Right: Zutter, Schuster, and O'Connor "The Big O"

Many years have passed since I first put this page up looking for a few of my old friends. To my surprise, members of the 134th have contacted me from all over the world. Some I remembered, some not. Some served before I was in the unit and some after. All are part of a large family that have written a unit history and they maintain a unit roster. If you or a family member were in this unit at any time, please let us hear from you. I will make certain that the keepers of the roster and unit history contact you.

Patrick Pavey kindly provided these photos.

See the photos contributed by Patrick.

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Who remembers why we had these goats?

Are you serching for your old unit?

2/20 ARA 1 CAV & F/79 CAV****BlueMax

48th Assault Helicopter Company****Bluestars

57th Assault Helicopter Company****Gladiators & Cougars

71st Assault Helicopter Company****Rattlers & Firebirds

101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)****Screaming Eagles

114th Assault Helicopter Company****Knights & Cobras

116th Assault Helicopter Company****Hornet

119th Assault Helicopter Company****Gators & Crocs (not working)

134th Assault Helicopter Company****Demons & Devils (Arvine Coleman's Site)

155th Assault Helicopter Company****Falcons

161st Assault Helicopter Company****Pelicans & Scorpions

171st Assault Helicopter Company****Bogus (not working)

174th Assault Helicopter Company****Dolphins & Sharks

187th Assault Helicopter Company****Blackhawks & Crusaders

227th Assault Helicopter Battalion****1st CAV

240th Assault Helicopter Company****Greyhounds & Maddogs

242nd Assault Helicopter Company****Muleskinner

282nd Assault Helicopter Company****Blackcat

335th Assault Helicopter Company****COWBOYS

336th Assault Helicopter Company****WARRIORS

Bub's Huey (UH1) Homepage (not working)

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This is my CWO Zutter archive

A low level tour of Tuy Hoa AFB and Phu Hiep AAF

These are a few of the aircraft in the area.

Here are a few more of my favorite photos.

These are the people I am looking for and the ones that I have found.

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